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M&I Forums are operated by Worldwide Events. Established in 2006, M&I Forums is the global market leader in 1-2-1 events for B2B marketplaces across the travel industry. M&I Forums have helped forge thousands of productive new business partnerships across the industry.

Healthcare Venues is a directory of venues, committed to servicing the needs of meetings and events in the healthcare sector. This directory is comprised of venues that have progressed through the audit, assessment and training solution created by 3Sixty Event Consulting Ltd and partners.

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The global leaders of 1-2-1 meetings, M&I Forums have joined forces with Healthcare Venues, experts in healthcare content, to create a ground-breaking Forum with a programme that sets new standards for the healthcare events sector.

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“AI technology will be a game changer! M&I always provides us with cutting-edge H2H networking. We applaud this bold step and can’t wait to see it live and in action!” 

Alex P. Doyle

Vice President, Meetings & Events, 21st Century Group - USA

We use cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology to create a networking experience that is entirely tailored to your goals. 

How, you ask? Using our networking platform, you’ll provide us with information about you and your business needs. Our technology will use your info to recommend the best people to meet, providing you with better 1-2-1 meetings and significantly increased return on your investment and time.

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Just like Netflix and Amazon, our AI matchmaking technology uses machine learning and advanced algorithms to make intelligent initial recommendations that get smarter over time – the more you use it, the more accurate your recommendations will be, resulting in more efficient meetings. Simple! 

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